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Travertino venato

It is a type of travertine whose main colour is straw yellow with darker blue/grey streaks which highlight its veins.

Travertino acquasantano

It is a light-coloured travertine with wavy and brown veins, ideal for furniture, flooring, cladding.

Travertino classico

It is a type of travertine with a bright and uniform colour, as well as evident porosity.

Travertino bianco navona

It is a milky-white-coloured travertine. Since it is the most valuable type, it is mainly used for upholstery and furnishings of value.

Travertino noce

It is a light brown travertine with darker shades that highlight streaks and pits.

Travertino alabastrino

It is a light-coloured travertine with wavy light brown streaks tending to dark yellow.

Travertino turco

Calcareous sedimentary rock originated from Turkey.